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SOCKET TRAYS  Sockey trays

Socket trays are available in either a 4 or 8 socket base.  The socket tray can operate in a “smart” mode or Parameter select mode. The “Smart” mode directs the operator to the next socket in the operation and sets the parameter when the correct socket is removed.  The Parameter select mode sets the parameter to the socket that is removed.  All socket trays come with the browser based setup software for tray configuration.  Custom made socket inserts provide a custom fit to eliminate operator placement error.  Bright (Red / Green) LED’s allow for proper socket selection and fault indication

ST004 Up to 4 sockets - sockets up to 1.25" O.D. 260 122
ST008 Up to 8 sockets - sockets up to 1.25" O.D. 279 217