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NOTICE OF PRODUCT OBSOLESCENCE : After more than 20 years, the AFC1500 system has an announced obsolescence date. Thank you for your continued reliance and support since 1998!  See announcement here: AFC1500 Obsolescence Announcement


FEC has applied the latest digital and surface mount technologies developing extremely compact controllers for the AFC1500 system. This compact design reduces overall plant floor space requirements, while also providing modular components capable of quick exchange.

The minimal spacing requirements allow 25 spindles to be mounted in a standard single door enclosure!


The Multi Unit is an auxiliary unit that can be added to any number of SAN units, assuming control of sequencing, all spindle I/O (including Fieldbus interfaces*) and fastening data communication. Used in multiple spindle applications, the Multi Unit saves valuable engineering, debug and start-up costs. Additionally, Ethernet I/P, CC-Link® & DeviceNet® technologies allow transfer of resultant press data across the same communication link as the I/O, simplifying connection architecture!

An optional 10/100Mb Ethernet (E) Data port is available for connection to fastening data collection systems. (FECNET, ToolsNet, QDAS and custom protocols are available.)

*Available Interfaces: DeviceNet®, Profibus®, CC-Link®, Interbus-S®, Modbus-Plus®, Allen Bradley Remote I/O®, Ethernet I/P and more.


(Add dash number “-xx” to end of Part Number)

   -1 = Discrete I/O (24 Vdc Sink Type)
   -2 = Discrete I/O (24 Vdc Source Type)
   -6 = Allen Bradley Remote I/O
   -9 = DeviceNet
   -8 = Modbus Plus
   -10 = Ethernet I/P
   -11 = Interbus-S
   -12 = CCLink V2
   -13 = Profibus
   -14 = CCLink


The SAN spindle control unit provides precise motor control with imbedded fastening control all in a compact unit. The SAN Unit delivers power in a small, highly efficient package, capable of operating as a simple standalone unit or controlled by the Multi Unit for complicated fastening sequences and data communication.