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The Micro-Nutrunner controller is the culmination of over 30 years of electric fastening technology specially designed for small fastener applications (M2, M3 & M4) .  AThe Micro Nutrunner provides a highly accurate, transducerized fastening system with fully programmable set-up.  The embedded torque transducer and motor resolver provide the feedback required for precise fastening of small type fasteners.  The small, modular controller features the following;

  • Fully Digital System (eliminates analog potentiometers).
  • 8 different work parameters (part programs) that can be stored into Flash ROM, no battery backup required.
  • Torque / Angle Fastening with programmable speed control
  • External fastening data is available through an RS-232 port or connection to the 'No Cost' programming / monitoring software which can save data to a local hard drive.
  • Front Keypad / Display for viewing result data and can be used to program individual controllers.
  • Plug-in firmware flash connector for quick & easy firmware updates.
  • Transducer 'Self-Check' function to maintain fastening integrity.
  • Automatic tool transducer identification system to confirm correct tool operation.
  • Removable I/O terminal for quick exchange without disconnection of wiring.